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Ford Duratec to xtrac 1046 Gearbox Adaptor

Price: £POA

2 x Available .
Brand New ,unused Bare Xtrac 516 Gearbox Maincase

Price: £2500

Brand New ,unused Bare Xtrac 516 Gearbox Maincase ,2500 A Few Core items to build this up are available additionally , 13;47Crown Wheels for 8500RPM N/A Use, A Mainshaft ,Several 12;38 Layshafts in used Condition , a Few Forks and selector kit , Ratios etc... By NO means enough to Complete a box but a really Good start .These are Hens Teeth now so get it while you can !
Xtrac 1046 Package

Price: £SOLD

A used ex WTCC Gearbox complete with a Diff , options for Bell housings adaptor includes Fords Ecoboost and Duratec, RML Global Engine, Lada Oreca WTCC . We have in stock a supply of various ratios, shafts and other parts in used condition to suit most sensible budgets
AP Racing Carbon Twin plate Clutch , Measured with paperwork

Price: £1000

EX RML Chevrolet WTCC BTCC S-2000 AP racing Carbon Clutch. CP 8031- 0V02 SP , see paperwork for details . These are 4000 New , so grab a bargain , needs small amount of money to shim !
Oreca /Lada WTCC to Xtrac 1046 Bell Housing Adaptor

Price: £1250

From the Lada WTCC programme , the Oreca Designed Engine pattern to xtrac 1046 Bell housing adaptor
Output/ Drive Flange 407- 422 001B/1 RWD BMW E90 407 /411 Gearbox

Price: £200

Output/ Drive Flange 407- 422 001B/1 RWD BMW E90 407 /411 Gearbox 200
WTCC Ford Ecoboost 1600cc Mountune M-sport spec Engine ,Xtrac adaptor

Price: £SOLD

1046 Xtrac Adaptor to Fords unique 1600cc WTCC Ecoboost Engine , Adaptor plate 1250 ARK Starter 350
RML 1.6 Turbo GRE Race engine to Xtrac 1046 Adaptor plate

Price: £500

As title RML WTCC Xtrac 1046 Bell housing plate
NG-TC Adaptor ,Xtrac 516 to TOCA turbo Swindon GM Engine

Price: £500

As title , Xtrac 516 to Swindon Toca turbo engine
Xtrac 406 New old Stock Output Flange

Price: £

As picture and part number .
Xtrac 516 Cross shaft & RML Chevy Cruze N/A Mount

Price: £500

Normally Aspirated Vauxhall C20XE /Z20 Leh pattern RML fitment Shaft and mounting bracket ,mileage marked , studs can be supplied to suit this . I have many different Driveshafts ,please check for lengths . 1046 also available !
Xtrac Driveshafts ,516 ,1046 , NG-TC Hybrid S-2000

Price: £POA

Lots of Various length used Xtrac Driveshafts available from various projects, always worth asking if we have the right length for your car ! We have 516 Coded shafts 1046 Coded shafts - these are from S-2000 Spec UK NG-TC Hybrid Turbo applications ,various lengths available
Xtrac 516 Incomplete Gearbox

Price: £SOLD

An Ex Works Xtrac 516 Gearbox maincase, diff cap and cluster plate . No Differential . I have Mainshafts for N/A Use in 13;47 Final drive and Crown wheels to suit . A well used 14;42 Turbo mainshaft , no hubs , most of the core components but you will have some parts to find to complete this box ! Boxes of removed in service parts , gears, studs and various unknown bits that may assist . These suffer with mainshaft gallery hairline cracks , this does not affect use ! I have loads of ratios available seperately , job lots can be discussed !
Xtrac 516 Ratios

Price: £150 each

Assorted used ex Works ratios ..... approx 140 Sets available in most ratios pairs ! Happy to sell ALL as a Job lot ...
Xtrac 1046 ,Various Ratios ,shafts etc..


As pictures ,shafts and ratio sets, lots available . Some Drive shafts as well NG TC spec 15/26 15/28 15/34 17/24 17/25 18/23 18/28 18/29 18/34 19/26 26/27
Xtrac Gearbox tools & Vice jigs , BMW E90 ,FWD 516

Price: £

Xtrac 411 ( BMW E90 WTCC/BTCC S-2000 car ) Vice jig Xtrac 516 FWD BTCC/WTCC vice jig
Xtrac 306 Super Touring Crown wheel 13;49

Price: £OFFERS

Crown wheel 13;49 , unknown mileage but appears ok ,offers .

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