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A car set of Ohlins TTX with spare tubes , a test sheet is available to go with these with various recommendations .
TCR seat Leon Cup Racer Front hubs

Price: £SOLD

Used pair of Seat Leon Cup racer /TCR front hubs with drive flanges and /titanium studs . One AP Caliper also available
Team Dynamics Honda Integra DC5 BTCC Steering arms & Shims

Price: £SOLD

A New pair of DC5 2006 Steering arms and a big box of Camber shims of various angles and widths .
BTCC Vauxhall Vectra Super Touring RML Suspension parts '96/7

Price: £SOLD

Front Uprights , twin caliper use altho a single caliper mount is evident ,fixed Damper tube and Dynamics Damper inserts ,some linear bearings, a top mount and lots more bits .Ex Brunstedt so RML 96 Car possible upgrade parts removed at 888 , also 5 x 19" BBS wheels to suit , also front wishbones and several barrel adjusters .
BTCC Vauxhall Vectra Super Touring RML Rear Suspension parts '96/7

Price: £SOLD

Rear trailing arms ,multi links , various Clevis , Ex Brunstedt so belived to be RML 96 parts removed at upgrade by 888 . Dynamics rear Dampers also available ...

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